Friday, May 2, 2008

Solar Heating Systems

Solar heating can be used to heat the space in homes and buildings or to heat the water. There are two basic types of solar heating systems: passive solar heating and active solar heating.

The appropriate use of windows along with building design is called passive solar heating. The buildings can be designed to make the best use of the sun in winter while keeping the heat out in summer. South-facing, large windows, building materials that absorb and retain heat (such as stones and bricks), and efficient airflow are among the design features of a home that takes advantage of passive solar.

Active solar heating systems use mechanical equipment, such as pumps and fans, to increase the usable heat in a system. The heat is primarily used for heating water in homes, commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Active solar heating can be further divaded into liquid-based and air-based systems according to the kind of energy transfer fluid that is used.