Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Active Solar Heating

Solar Heating House
Diagram of a house with a combined solar domestic hot water and space heating system ("combisystem") (

Active solar energy is more complex and requires mechanical devices to capture, store and convert the solar power into other useful forms of energy.

Active solar heating generates much more heat than passive systems do. Active solar heating relies strongly on three components: a solar collector to absorb the solar energy, a solar storage system, and a heat transfer system to disperse the heat to the appropriate places in your home. Liquid-based heating systems use a liquid to collect the energy in the solar collector; whereas air-based heating systems absorb the energy through the air.

Active solar technologies are used to convert solar energy into useable heat and cause air movement for ventilation or cooling.


Solar Panels said...

It is more preferable to use active water heaters compared to the passive one. Their only difference is their circulating pumps and controls.