Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Solar-Powered Charging Stations for Mobile Phones, Cameras, and Electric Vehicles

Image credit: www.soldesignlab.com

Solar-powered charging stations are innovative solar-powered designs that can be used in public places when no electricity supply is available. You can see them alongside the streets, in the squares, and even as “umbrellas” attached to benches in public parks. On the market, there are also smart solar benches and they are an excellent addition to existing urban furniture.

Solar-powered charging stations are great to allow people to charge their small devices such as mobile phones, laptops, or cameras outdoors. Some of the solar-powered charging stations can power electric bikes, scooters, and cars, so recharging your car’s batteries is often cheaper at one of these stations. Solar-powered charging stations can provide also lighting, WI-Fi, give insight about the environment, and display information on a digital screen.

All solar-powered stations work similarly, although they might differ in terms of size, capacity, and the type of charging that is available. Each solar-powered station consists of an inflexible or flexible solar panel (or panels), battery system, charge controller, and inverter.

The benefits of solar-powered charging stations are numerous. First of all, they produce electricity without any emissions, making them one of the most environmentally-friendly technologies. Unlike coal, nuclear or gas-powered plants, solar energy does not produce emissions, nor toxic byproducts. And it is a renewable source of energy.

The implementation of solar technology in public places gives us free or cheap energy. Especially, for those living far from the electrical grid, solar charging stations for mobile phones can be the only way to stay connected. It is no surprise that in the developing countries more and more solar-powered charging stations are appearing. In countries where electricity is not accessible to all, public solar-powered charging stations for mobile phones are very popular. (Read this article)

Last but not least, with the solar-powered charging stations, we become energy independent and can spend more time outdoors. When we know that we can charge our mobile phones and other electric devices outside, in the streets and in the parks, it gives us more freedom and flexibility to spend time outdoors and in nature.

Sources: Inhabitat & Magesolar


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